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Q At what age should I bring my young child for his/her first dental visit?
A The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a child should have his first visit at age one. This will not be a conventional cleaning visit but more of an informational visit to help parents maintain a healthy environment for erupting teeth.

Q My gums bleed when I brush. Does this mean I have Gum Disease?
A The best way to determine the health of your teeth and gums is by having a dental exam. Dr Justus and his staff will make sure you understand what is required to maintain the highest level of oral health.

Q What if I don’t have any insurance ?
A Patients without insurance are welcome. We accept Credit cards, Checks, Care Credit and will help make quality care affordable for you.

Q Is there a charge for “second opinions”
A No, Dr Justus will gladly offer second opinions and help you make an informed Decision. Please bring your own X-rays if available. .

Q Instant orthodontics, Veneers, Lumineers, what’s the difference?
A Most all of these treatment choices are the same and offer a quick way to permanently whiten and align your teeth. The important point is that you will alter your natural teeth in most cases. The treatment time could be less than 30 days. The alternative is Invisalign.

Q Is there any alternative for removable partials that do not need to contact my natural teeth?
Yes, Dental Implants. They will allow tooth like individual replacement of missing teeth or groups of teeth without involving natural for support or retention.

Q Is there any way to keep my lower denture from moving other than using paste adhesives?
Yes, Implant Supported Over-Denture will allow you to retain your prosthesis with two or three implants that have special attachments to fit into your lower denture and
help retain it while eating.

Q Does Medicare pay for dental treatment?
New for 2009 Medicare is providing coverage for certain procedures. Please contact Lincoln Dental Group to find out what your plan provides for you.

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